What’s the difference between chemical-free and organic?

Many of our wheat products come in a chemical-free and certified organic option; Prairie Gold wheat for example. The major difference between them is the way the fields are treated prior to planting. Organic crops require organic fertilizer, whereas the chemical-free crops are grown with a commercial fertilizer. Neither crop is treated with herbicides or pesticides once sprouted.

Are your products packaged for long term storage?

Most products are not packaged for long term storage. Wheat, beans, and rice come packed in paper feed bags or boxes and will need to be repackaged for use six month or more from now. For short term, within a year or so, we recommend high density polyethylene buckets and snap on lids from your local hardware store. There will be a triangle on the bottom with a 2 and the initials HDPE.

For longer term storage, you should invest in mylar foil bags and oxygen absorbers. The co-op has had good experiences with the folks at Sorbent Systems. This page has a chart to assist you in choosing the proper sized O2 absorber for your needs, along with videos and supplies for your long term storage needs.

Do you ship during the weekend?

We do not have a UPS weekend pickup. Orders placed after 10:30 AM on Fridays will ship Monday the following week. You will receive tracking information by close of business Monday.

Can I change the shipping address?

If you have made a mistake with the shipping address, we can often catch it before the parcel is processed within 15-30 minutes or so of the order placement. After a parcel is processed, you can change the shipping address for a fee using UPS’ package intercept program, UPS My Choice.

  • $17.00 for web requests
  • $23.90 for phone requests
  • No charge for delivery to a UPS Customer Center

Any coupon codes or specials?

As a co-op, we operate on a smaller profit margin than standard retail. As such we don’t run many specials.

We offer 10% discounts to our members on case goods. Twice a year, Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Independence Week, we run a 15% off sale.

And we offer 15% off every day to orders of ten or more items.

I bought a membership but no discount?

To receive the member’s discount, the system needs to know you are a member first. Memberships are not automatically applied, so please set up an account and purchase a membership prior to placing any food orders. Do not use guest checkout. You will receive a thank you email once your membership is processed.

If you purchased a membership along with your food purchase and set up an account, your membership will be processed and your member discount refunded the next business day.

If you did not set up an account and used guest checkout, please set up an account and email david@grainmill.coop with the email address you used for your account. Your membership will then be processed and your member discount refunded the next business day.

Is there a minimum order?

Some case goods co-ops have a minimum order. We do not. We will gladly ship you one case of product if that’s all you require.

Can I cancel a processed shipment?

Soon after your order is placed, it is pulled from inventory, packaged, stacked on a pallet, and shrinkwrapped for pickup by UPS the following business day. We cannot cancel orders that have already been prepared and processed for shipment.

There is a solution! You have to refuse the order when UPS attempts delivery. You can do this in-person with the driver, or can place a notice on your door for the driver that you are refusing parcels from The Grain Mill. Also include any tracking information on the note.

If the driver delivers anyway, DO NOT OPEN THE PACKAGE! This indicates acceptance of the delivery. Instead, call UPS at 1-800-PICK-UPS to let an agent know that you are refusing delivery of the package and wish to return it to the sender. Schedule a time for pickup. You also can drop off the package at a UPS location. You must return the package to the sender within five business days.

Once we receive the package back at the warehouse, we will issue a refund minus a 15% restocking fee.