Do you offer free or reduced shipping?

Short answer: No.

We could if we increased the price of our products and charged everyone a $119 annual fee.

We only charge our customers and guests the actual cost of freight that UPS charges us to ship. We do not mark up our shipping.

Do you offer samples? Can I split a case?

Unfortunately splitting cases or offering samples would leave us with an amazing amount of unsellable inventory. As such, we are unable to offer those options to our members and customers.

For locals in the Raleigh, NC area, we have a case splitting software available if anyone would like to manage product splitting and distribution. Please email if you’re interested in helping initiate that program.

How long will it take to ship to my location?

Orders typically ship the next business day. Grocery and bulk goods items that have a 6 digit SKU ship from our PA warehouse and botanicals with an 8 digit SKU from CA. Below are the charts for standard ground delivery.

Grocery and bulk dry goods
Health and botanicals