Why has the cost of UPS increased so much?

All major carriers lowered their overweight package threshold from 70 lb to 50 lb. in December 2019.

Many of our items come in 50 lb bags and when the weight of the packaging is added, it brings the shipment to 52 lbs; just over that limit. UPS made a small consolation to us by offering a 20% discount on the overweight fees, but it’s still a more expensive proposition than it was in 2019.

Additionally, UPS charges based on weight, distance, and dimensions. Our shipments come from our PA warehouse. As such, a customer in NY or OH will pay significantly less than a customer in CA or WA. Most of our business is done east of the Mississippi River.

UPS may also charge based on the space that the package requires in their truck, rather than the actual weight of the product. This is called the dimensional weight. For more information about how dimensional weighting work, please review this page on the UPS website.

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