Rouge de Bordeaux Grain 50lb


Rouge de Bordeaux is an heirloom variety of hard red spring wheat once coveted by the old French bakers, now available through Wheat Montana. For centuries, bakers have enjoyed the unique flavor that it imparts in breads as well as the high nutritional content packed into each grain kernel due to the natural low yield of the variety.; ; Its heirloom characteristics are readily apparent when you see a field of this grain being grown: it is abnormally tall (4′ under dryland conditions), and is awnless – meaning that it doesn’t have the beards, or whiskers, that modern wheat has. This wheat is both historic (sources verify it is at least 500 years old), and slow to mature. Once you taste it, you’ll see that it was well worth the time spent cultivating.

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Hard Red Spring Wheat. Last Changed: 5/11/2018

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