Gluten Free Muesli 4/16oz


Gluten Free Muesli is based on a cereal originally developed over 100 years ago by a Swiss nutritionist. Enjoy as a hot breakfast or eat it cold with milk or yogurt. This Muesli is a gluten free mix of rolled oats, brown rice crisps, raisins, dried apples and cranberries, sunflower seeds, almonds, roasted soy beans, pumpkin seeds and coconut flakes.


Whole Grain Oats, Raisins (raisins, sunflower oil), Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Dried Cranberries (cranberries, cane sugar, sunflower oil), Brown Rice Crisps (rice flour, rice bran, honey), Dried Apples, Coconut, and Pumpkin Seeds. Contains: Tree Nut (almonds, coconut) Ingredients. Last Changed: 6/4/2018

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Weight 4.7 lbs
Dimensions 8.2 × 5.3 × 9.5 in