Arborio Rice 4/11lb


Riso Angelita is grown in the Po River valley of northern Italy. Arborio rice cultivation flourishes due to hot summers and plentiful irrigation systems. Its distinguishing feature is a higher than normal starch content which releases during cooking for a wonderful, creamy texture. Riso Angelita is “superfino” grade, the largest of the grains available, offering the authentic taste and aroma found only in grains from the Italian countryside. Riso’s fat, pearl white kernels are carefully milled to ensure perfect color and large, whole grains. It is vacuum packed for ultimate freshness. Sought by chefs who recognize the importance of genuine culinary ingredients. With excellent absorption, Riso Angelita’s Arborio takes on the delicate flavor of the most subtle recipe component.; ;

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Arborio Rice. Last Changed: 4/8/2019

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